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Czołowa delegacja USA odwiedza Kijów, obiecuje zapewnić stałe wsparcie




On Saturday (23 July), a senior US Congressional delegation met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in Kyiv and pledged to continue support for the war against Russia.

This delegation, which included Representative Adam Smith (chair of the House Armed Services Committee), is the latest in a long line of prominent American visitors to Ukraine.

The delegation stated that the United States and its allies and partners worldwide have supported Ukraine with humanitarian, military and economic assistance.

They added that they would continue to look for ways to support President Zelenskiy as well as the Ukrainian people as effective as possible, as they continue their courageous stand.

On Wednesday (20 July), US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated that Washington would send four additional high mobility artillery missile systems to Ukraine. This brings the total to 16.

The Saturday statement by the delegation did not mention weapons transfers. Separately Smith was quoted telling Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, which is US-backed, that Washington and its allies were prepared to give more multiple launch rocket system.


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