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Holenderski rząd przeprosiny za rolę w niewolnictwie kolonialnym




A member of Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s Cabinet said on Friday (4 November) that the Dutch government would apologize later in the year for its role during slavery during the nation’s colonial past.

Franc Weerwind, minister for Legal Protection, confirmed that RTL reported that the government intended to issue a formal apology in December.

RTL reported that the government plans to spend €200 million on a fund to raise awareness about colonial power's role as slavers and €27m on opening a museum dedicated to slavery.

This decision is in line with the recommendation made last year by an advisory group that government admit that the transatlantic slave trade of 17-19 century was a crime against humanity and that the Dutch government apologize.

According to news agency ANP, Weerwind said that Friday's incident was a "big and beautiful moment". The government will apologize and "open the door to a shared tomorrow" by apologizing.

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